Our people chose us as natural and healthy salt supplier has given us the honor and pride. Our products are presented to our customers in the form of table, granule or rock by grinding from 100% natural crystal rock salt pieces collected manually from the mine without any refining or chemical treatment. Tons of natural salt has reached thousands of people through our website. Pak Gıda ve Tarım Urunleri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. has opened its Istanbul branch in order to improve logistics services, ensure that people receive our products one-to-one and facilitate our retail services. In order to improve our service quality, we improved our production system and put into operation our hammer chrome mill with 2 tons per hour grinding capacity. In order to prevent the problems experienced by hand filling, we have offered an automatic packaging unit with 5 tons of daily packaging capacity, which handles the products without touching. Our company, which is a leader in the sector as a supplier of natural rock salt to wholesale and retail groups, continues to increase its service quality day by day. Our goal, our 100% natural and untreated rock salt, all of our healthy living in Turkey is to reach people who prefer an economical way.

  • Our company grinds rock salt in chrome mills.
  • Our automatic filling system has been put into service and all our products are packaged untouched.
  • All products are shipped in their original packaging and labeled.
  • New boxes have been built as a cargo package and your orders are sent with special boxes according to your order.
  • You can place your order online through our site or call our order line 7 days 24 hours to place your orders immediately.
  • More detailed information and analysis reports are available on our website.
  • You can pay when you receive the product at the door or by credit card or bank transfer.
  • Transparent glass crystal rock salt is available in stone pieces, in granular size as bulgur, in single piece as table powder or as pocket salt.
  • Room concept with salt natural salt components in Turkey for the first time offered by us, economically as an alternative to salt lamps in your home and work location, natural minus ion source allows you the holding of rock salt.
  • To use natural mineral rock salt, you can order 84 mineral transparent glass rock salt from our website.


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